Ten years of partnership!

In search of a new sub-contractor…
Matador were looking for a company who could do some sub-contract work for their wiper systems

During a Meet the Buyer show in 2007, Kiyokuni met with Matador and, after preliminary discussions, Matador sent Kiyokuni a quotation form with more information regarding the production of wiper systems for trains & buses.

Winning the job
Kiyokuni’s quotation was competitive and they won Matador’s contract. Additionally, Kiyokuni’s management systems are accredited to the automotive standard TS16949. This was one of the most important factors when choosing a new partner as Matador wanted to ensure their systems were produced to the highest automotive standards.

The partnership over the years
The cooperation between Matador and Kiyokuni has been very successful for both companies. Matador and Kiyokuni collaborated on several projects, including tooling and worked together through a learning curve and develop wiper systems with complicated brackets. Over the years, Kiyokuni has delivered high quality parts, at competitive prices and on time.
Matador’s Materials Manager, David Anderson, says:

“We have always found that they are willing to go the extra mile to find viable solutions to the problems that we present them with. Their ability to innovate has provided us with a number of cost effective solutions to projects that we would have otherwise no proceeded with. They provide us with a quality product in the volume that we want it and at the time that we want it which is pretty much all you can ask of them.”

About Matador
Matador are a well-established specialist design and manufacturing company supplying high quality engineered windscreen wipers, washer systems and throttles, to manufacturers of commercial vehicles, buses, railway trains, ships, defence vehicles and passenger cars.

About Kiyokuni
Kiyokuni Europe is very proud to maintain a loyal customer base through a distinct ‘customer first attitude’; combining the best of the UK and Japanese manufacturing methods to ensure a responsive, flexible and value added service with a commitment to problem solving. Read more

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