For simple and complex assemblies alike, your components are handled by hands that care.

Kiyokuni’s manual assembly services are available to take our clients from design stages to complete pressed products that are ready for delivery, no matter how large or small your project.

We offer semi-permanent assemblies for pressed on parts and bolting and screwing requirements, including nut feeding and press riveting. Alongside this, we also provide in-house welding for permanent joins.

Whilst your assembly is carried out by our experienced and expert team, our manual capabilities are backed by a range of automatic and semi-automatic machinery and equipment to ensure the highest quality and standard of work.

Manual Capabilities Supported by Automatic Equipment

Kiyokuni’s manual assembly is led by our experienced team who perform assembly tasks swiftly and precisely. To ensure we continue to maximise our accuracy and minimise our waste throughout these tasks, our manual capabilities are further supported by automated technology.

We utilise bar code technology on bench equipment to ensure the progression of your pressed part is monitored and checked. Regular signals from electronic sensor jigging also achieve quality checks throughout the assembly process.

Automatic nut feeding equipment moreover optimises speed and accuracy of nut orientation.

For the completion of complex assemblies within optimum turnaround, we can integrate our standard manual assembly techniques into a computer-aided picking system.


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Ready for Delivery

Our assembly services mark one of the last stages of the manufacture and fabrication process, so ensuring your product meets all requirements at this stage is critical to our customers’ satisfaction.

Kiyokuni’s comprehensive service ensures that all necessary checks and inspections have been carried out on your finalised parts, meaning we can distribute your components in the knowledge that they meet your project parameters and industry standards.

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