Industry Sectors

Kiyokuni Europe Ltd operates in a variety of industries.

We have extensive experience across many sectors, providing a complete end-to-end service for the provision of pressed parts and assemblies.

Industries we support include …
Commercial & Industrial
Off Highway
Office Automation

We specialise in the supply of quality steel pressed parts and assemblies and also supply stainless steel and aluminium pressings, taking on all project volumes and complexities.

Aided by the latest machinery and technology, Kiyokuni develops a flexible and custom approach to the complete production of your parts, enabling us to meet all of your specification requirements.

With years of experience and established connections within these areas, Kiyokuni has a deep understanding of your industry. This means we’re able to support you during the design, manufacture, fabrication, assembly and delivery of your products throughout the UK, US, and Europe.

From expert advice throughout the process, to our dedication to our customer’s total satisfaction, with Kiyokuni Europe, you can be sure you’re taking the most effective path to production.

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    Manufacturing in the UK since 1987 for our global customer base

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