Aluminium Pressing
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Kiyokuni Europe Ltd provides bespoke aluminium pressings, manufactured to exacting specifications for the most demanding of projects. Aluminium has advantages over steel particularly in terms of saving weight in parts.

Kiyokuni works with aluminium sheet, blanks and coil in many grades for applications which require a lightweight yet strong solution.

We undertake the manufacture and fabrication of all types and sizes of aluminium pressings – from complex, low volume projects to simple, high-volume batches. We work in raw material up to 8mm in sheet and blanks and in coil up to 4mm thick and 800mm wide to manufacture pressings, using either hard or soft tooling methods depending on the requirements of your project.

Applications for Aluminium Pressings

Kiyokuni works closely with the automotive sector for the supply of aluminium pressings. We’re experienced Tier 2 suppliers, accredited with IATF 16949 for the delivery of quality pressed parts.

We understand the demands of the sector and are continually relied upon to deliver products to schedule and specification; to achieve this, our experienced team ensure we meet demanding technical specifications and work tirelessly to ensure your product is delivered as expected.

What We Can Offer

We can manufacture aluminium pressings using hard tooling on a wide range of equipment ranging from 25 Ton hydraulic presses, 80 Ton to 200 Ton hand operated mechanical presses and coil fed progression presses ranging from 110 Ton to 400 Tons.

For low volume aluminium pressings, we can offer soft tooling solutions using a Laser, NCT Turret Punch and Press Brakes which can either reduce or eliminate the need for hard tooling reducing the cost of producing parts substantially.

We further provide industry standard checks, including PPAP, alongside internal quality control checks, to ensure we’re manufacturing to the levels required by your project.


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