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Many visitors to our factory are impressed by the cleanliness of our working environment. We believe that quality starts from a clean, tidy and well-managed working environment and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure our people work in a safe and organised manner.

The welfare of our team is of paramount importance, so we’ve installed best in class facilities here in Telford. From a canteen with a variety of healthy menu choices to breakout spaces for getting away from shop floor, our 100+ employees are looked after as members of the Kiyokuni Europe family.

We’re always looking for ways to further improve facilities and have recently installed EV charging facilities and additional subsidised vending machines for all the team.

To ensure the shop floor remains clean and safe, we’ve also invested in additional housekeeping personnel and equipment.

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Kiyokuni AIDA Presswork
Modern Apprenticeships provide the opportunity for younger people to work, learn and earn whilst gaining an industry-recognised qualification.

For Kiyokuni Europe, like many manufacturers, ensuring our team are future-ready is our prime concern.

Despite some forecasts predicting that the fourth Industrial Revolution will reduce or eradicate the need for human oversight, we believe that in specialist sectors such as toolmaking, quality can only be maintained by layering or combining human and machine input throughout the process.

Training the next generation with the specialist skills needed to continue delivering to our customer’s exacting specifications is vital to Kiyokuni Europe’s future and to the UK’s success in the global marketplace.

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