Kiyokuni Europe Join the Government Scheme to Use Biomass as Energy Source

Kiyokuni were looking for a new office heating supply
as their current one needed upgrading

We were advised about biomass government scheme opportunity. Since it is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is already widely available throughout the UK we decided to apply for this scheme.

What is Biomass?
Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. In the context of biomass for energy this is often used to mean plant based material, but biomass can equally apply to both animal and vegetable derived material.

Why use Biomass?
As a holder of Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004, it is important for us, at Kiyokuni, to use greener and more sustainable source of energy.
Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Biomass is a “carbon lean” fuel producing a fraction of the Carbon emissions of fossil fuels. click here for more details
  • Biomass can be sourced locally, from within the UK, on an indefinite basis, contributing to security of supply.
  • UK sourced biomass can offer local business opportunities and support the rural economy.
  • The establishment of local networks of production and usage, allows financial and environmental costs of transport to be minimized. There is no region in the UK that cannot be a producer of biomass.

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