Kiyokuni Are Hiring!

Kiyokuni are currently hiring for a
MIG Welder position

Duties and Key Responsibilities include:

  • Measure and mark workpieces using straightedges, rules and callipers.
  • Cut and smooth metal components using a portable grinder, lathe and milling machine.
  • Read and interpret production drawings.
  • Maintain welding safety guidelines and regulations to ensure a risk-free work environment.
  • Organise, clean and maintain welding equipment on a regular basis.
  • Adjust gas gauges to set the flow rate of gas.
  • Use measuring equipment such as micrometres and callipers to inspect angles, grooves and gap allowances.
  • Be able to weld material from 1.2mm to 8mm.
  • Follow work instructions and quality procedures.


  • Work experience in a manufacturing environment, preferably automotive.
  • At least 5 years MIG-Welding experience with a proven track record.

See more on the job specification below if you’re interested and get in contact with HR at
Mig Welder – Job Specification

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